Croton Water Treatment Plant

Croton Water Treatment Plant

Largest Living Roof in North America

In Bronx, NY, Rana Creek Living Architecture is partnering with Grimshaw Architects and Ken Smith Landscape Architects on a project slated to be the largest living roof in North America at 9 acres. The state-of-the-art water treatment facility will treat a significant portion of New York City’s drinking supply from upstate reservoirs. The treatment facility, located 6 stories underground, will house the world’s first living roof/golf course/driving range. The roof can sustain vehicular traffic and is surrounded by a series of wetlands that will provide water for irrigation. The project includes living roofs atop the Clubhouse and several other facilities. In addition, Rana Creek worked closely with the client on an integrated pest management plan to create a truly sustainable golf course design. Rana Creek is pleased to announce that the project, the largest public works project in New York’s history, was recently awarded the NYC Public Design Commission’s “Excellence in Design” Award.

New York City Public Design Commission’s “Excellence in Design” Award, 2009




Croton Water Treatment Plant


Bronx, NY


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