Vancouver Convention Center

Vancouver Convention Center

Five-acre Urban Grassland Rooftop Park

Rana Creek Living Architecture consulted extensively on this project designed by MCM / DA + LMN Architects and in association with the PWL Partnership. Located along the vast waterfront of Horseshoe Bay, British Columbia, the Convention Center’s 217,800 square foot living roof hosts a diverse selection of indigenous grasses, herbs, and bulbs, which attract critical fauna such as hummingbirds, butterflies, migratory songbirds, and insects. The reinstated natural habitat provides seasonal beauty as well as a seamless visual link to the adjacent park. The living roof serves as an “ecological staircase,” wherein select species filter and purify rainwater for storage and reuse, while attenuating sound, providing thermal insulation, and absorbing solar radiation that would otherwise contribute to the urban heat island effect. The Vancouver Convention Center also offers a program to interpret the living roof, its environmental benefits, visual qualities, and ecological processes.




Vancouver Convention Centre


Vancouver, British Columbia


Musson Cattell Mackey Partnership, Downs/Archambault + Partners, LMN Architects, PWL Partnership Landscape Architects, Inc.