RANA is an award-winning ecological design company. We fuse art & science, creating environments where people & nature coexist. We enable the natural systems and processes of other creatures to come together. We integrate. We fuse. Our clients understand the power of ecology. economically, mindfully logically. They understand that it’s not just about us. Let’s share this place.


What we want to get across is that nature is inherently beautiful. Our approach isn’t to put our footprint and our ego on our projects. We believe in the intuitive knowledge of nature and that guides many of our design decisions.

/  Marta Kephart, COO  /



Our Story


Rana Creek Habitat Restoration was created over 30 years ago with a clear mission; to restore habitats. Our rich history in ecology + design, comes from three decades pioneering important restoration trends around the globe.

Today, RANA is an award-winning ecological design company. We create innovative ecological solutions and restore environments where people & nature co-exist all over the world. We are ecologists, designers, landscape architects, environmental planners, inventors, and plants people that envision and interpret nature and ecology for people, places, and creatures of the world.

At RANA, we believe nature is inherently beautiful. Our deep respect to the land, the creatures, and to those that have come before us, drives our mission to create innovative designs and ecological solutions to restore the planet. Our designs foster connectivity with nature, people, and culture; always considering all creatures that cohabitate this planet.

RANA integrates ecological principles and processes into the built environments to ensure systems for water, energy and food production and other basic products, are designed to complement and benefit the living systems and communities they are a part of.

By focusing on emerging concepts like circular and restorative economies, biodynamic nurseries, regenerative design, and bio benign materials, RANA is poised to tackle urgent environmental challenges and become a clear leader for positive planetary solutions.

RANA offers expertise through all stages of project development, from compliance and permitting to construction documentation and project implementation. Our client list is comprised of world-renowned architects, developers, municipalities, non-profits, land-use planners, government agencies, industrial clients and community associations.